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A Wedding Duo

Akoestiek is a wedding duo from Centurion, Pretoria that enjoys singing acoustic renditions of popular and original songs, carefully crafted to complement the atmosphere of wedding celebrations and capture the heart and intention of steadfast and true love that creates the foundation of a lasting marriage.

Wedding Duo
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Our Story

We are Werner & Rozanne Kahts. Years ago, we met each other in the church band, started making music together and haven't stopped walking side by side since then. We got married in 2012 & have the immense privilege to be called Daddy & Mommy by a beautiful 4 year old daughter, we deeply adore.


Although both of us started out studying in completely different fields, we decided to finally commit to making music, now as Akoestiek, Ruth Music SA & are the owners of 'Good Morning Sweet Songbird' a recording studio and hub in support of independent artists, like ourselves. 

We love being a team, bringing the diverse & complementing puzzle pieces we both posses to create a beautiful whole and serve a greater cause. We believe in the gift of marriage & it gives us great joy to attest to the power such unity carries and to witness how God creates ‘power couples’ for His purpose & glory.

Our Story

Love Psalms.

We love taking original and well-known melodies and turning them into soulful acoustic renditions. We sing love psalms that will tug at your heartstrings or will get your feet tapping to the beat.

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‘We absolutely love weddings. Marriage is extremely special to us and it gives us great joy to write music about love and inspire others to believe in it again.’

Weddings +

We offer acoustic music carefully crafted to specifically suit Ceremonies & Canapés during wedding celebrations. Book us for your private function.

Weddings and Functions

Friends in the

We are proud members of incredible wedding platforms and guides such as Mooi Troues & Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide. Feel free to make use of these special resources to plan your dream day. 

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Contact + Social Media

Contact +
Social Media


Centurion, Pretoria


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